1. thefabulousweirdtrotters:

    Edgar Allan Poe Foundation of Boston

  2. ladyinterior:

    Incredible Metal Firepits

  3. ladyinterior:

    Ivan Hoo

  4. Painting pretty purple flowers (:

    Painting pretty purple flowers (:

  5. eyebroes:

    Reagan continues to kick our ass.

  6. iamjapanese:

    YOSHIMOTO Gesso(吉本月荘 Japanese, 1881-1936)

    Torii at Miyajima

    The Moon and Seashore

    Coastal Sunrise

    Red Sunset

    Sunset at Beach

    Mt.Fuji and Lake

    woodblock print   

  7. olivianoel:

    Letters 10/26

  8. visual-poetry:

 by ivan navarro (+)


     by ivan navarro (+)

  9. leafcutie:

    surprise surprise i ran right up to the monet at the end of the hall

  10. I want to be your favorite place to go when you’ve had a bad day or a good day.

    — (via firewonk)

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